About Us

“Love your pet unconditionally because they love you more than you love yourself”

Our Mission

We know the bond between a pet parent and their fur-kids are life’s greatest family
treasure. They’re our most trustable family member whom often keep us company,
regardless what state of mind we are in. They won’t hurt us and they trust we feed them with food of high quality and nutrients.

We at Kool Pets Sdn Bhd strive to consistently develop nutritional and balanced quality food for your fur kids. Our nutritionist constantly source and test new ingredients to improve food palatability and quality to meet safety requirement of our products.

We want your fur kids to have a satisfied and healthy food in their daily diet, every meal, every day, BECAUSE WE CARE.

Beliefs & Values

We believe pets provide their owners (or guardians) both physical and emotional benefits. Pets can help manage our loneliness and depression by giving us companionship. This is the reason why we strive to produce and feed them with high quality food for a healthier and longer life.


To continuously produce better quality products for our fur kids to live a better quality life. By keeping them healthy and happy, we also help to keep ourselves and our families healthy and happy. HAPPY HOME FOR A PET IS A HAPPY HOME FOR YOU.