Interested to own a pet? What do you need to know?

It is important to remember that pet ownership is a huge responsibility. As a pet parent you will be committed to providing for all the requirements your pet needs






Veterinary Care

It is absolutely essential to ensure you have the capability to meet the physiological, behavioural and social needs of the pet you intend to raise.

As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to understand the basic requirement of your chosen pet (specific breed needs, safe space it needs, their behaviour and lifestyles, specialist vet care, etc).

Cats and dog normal life span is around 12 years, where some may live till 2- years. One must be prepared at all cost to take care of them in its lifetime.


Why shop for one when you can help safe a life by adopting from animal shelter?

Help reduce the overpopulated animals in our country (there’s just too many dogs and cats and not enough homes for them).


We are proud to share that we’ve been regularly sponsoring and collaborating with these two animal shelters with our high quality Koolching dry cat food. You can contact below addresses for detail procedure of adoptions:

Now that we know you’ve adopted a pet from the animal shelters and need good quality food to feed them. 

Kool Pets Sdn Bhd is happy to supply you with Koolching dry cat food at a very affordable price so that you can continue to provide your pet with the same quality food that were fed in the shelters. Find out more and purchase online from our website or

You just save a life bring home a pet and provide it with food and care.

Why not take a step further to spread your kind actions and let your relatives and friends aware so they can contribute to help these little fur kids live a better life by donating our cat food to animal shelters.

For doing a good cause, we’re giving discounts to donators who purchase our food for the animal shelters.

Benefits of

  1. You help save a life.
  2. You help reduce animal cruelty and abuses.
  3. You help to solve the overpopulation crisis.
  4. Its cheaper compare to buying from pet store.
  5. You can choose from so many choices that suits your needs.
  6. Most animals at shelters are already spayed/neutered and vaccinated.
  7. A nominal adoption fees help ease the shelter’s spayed/neutered cost to prevent more unwanted litters.