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FasClean Premium Charcoal Cat Litter

Premium Carbonclay is “clumping” cat litterforremoving cat urine odor. Activated charcoal isphenomenal forremovingthe smell of cat urine. It has afast-clumpingfeature due to the granule size. Itcan instantly absorb the unpleasant smell coming from the litter boxes. It prevents moisture fromcollecting on the bottom of the tray where it can decompose and cause odors.It is an excellent cat littersubstrate, as waste clumps can be scooped out and filled in without changing the entire litter box. Thehard clumps that form allow you to scoop out waste easily, leaving a fresh, clean tray.


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  1. Fill up litter box with approximately 8-10cm of FasClean litter. Do not mix with other types of cat litter to achieve best results.
  2. Scoop off cat’s excrement regularly and always keep the litter tray dryand clean. Do not flushlitter into the toilet.
  3. Add FasClean cat litter when needed and maintain 8-10cm depth in litter box.
  4. Always wash your hands after handling the litter to maintain good personal hygiene.
  5. Sealed and store away unused litter out of reach of children.
  6. Contain no harmful material. Please seek medical help immediately if swallowed by children orpets.
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