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Matrix TOFU Cat Litter

Matrix Tofu Litter is made with bean curd residue as main materials, mixed with corn starch andvegetable adhesives. These toxic free materials are then produced into columnar shape for quickabsorption, clump faster, less tracking and flushable into toilet or act as garden fertilizer.
Matrix TofuLitter is biodegradable and eco-friendly to our world.


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  1. Clean and sanitize the litter tray. Add Tofu Cat Litter into the litter box with a depth of 2-3cm.
  2. Scoop out solid waste and clumps every day, flush the clumps into toilet or garden. 
  3. Fill in new cat litter, when necessary, rake the tray gently.

Important reminder: For hygiene purposes, please wash your hands with soap and water immediately after handling soiled cat litter.

Storage conditions: In ventilated and dry place.

Please recycle empty package.

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