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The Forest Pine Wood

Natural Pine Cat Litter is a high-end product that adheres to natural standards.
As many types utilizewaste from the wood industry, it is marketed as being better for the environment.
Instead of theclay-based clumping cat litter many people are used to it, it is more like tiny wood pellets.


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Environmental Friendly

Used litter can naturally disintegrate and can be disposed of by flushing it straight into the sewer. It mayalso be applied to plants asfertilizer.


No chemicals or dust were added. In addition to being safe and healthy for both pets and theenvironment, our litter is manufactured from the best natural materials available.


  1. Fill a cat litter tray with pine cat litter that is 25mm deep.
  2. Pine cat litter will turn to powder when used on pet excrement after absorbing water from urine. When pets bury their waste, the powder will be combined with any leftover pine cat litter and used once more.
  3. After it dries, solid trash must be removed. Either throw it away or flush it down the toilet. 
  4. The litter box needs to be cleaned once or twice every week. The used litter (after the solid trash has been removed) may be disposed of in the sewer system or applied to plants as fertilizer.
  5. When using pine cat litter for the first time, it is advised to use the original sand and then gradually increase the amount of pine cat usage.
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